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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Sometime between then and now Phil, Rudy, Cousin Jay (CJ), and I end up in front of a girl... It was about 11 pm and the four of us were thirsty... This girl happened to have a pitcher of beer and a large hoop... She took cousin Jay's glass and started pouring while gyrating her hips and balancing the hoop around and around.... Mid poor, I noticed her give CJ the "I want to play upy downy with that guy" look... She continued to poor the rest of our beers, while upholding the sexy hoola hip motion, and never dropping the hoop or beer, while she eye fucked Cousin Jay... Jay being the nova that he is returned the look with intensity... The looks of future porn sex, crisco and cheetos perpetuated for quite some time... Until all the sudden Phil decided he was hungry and ordered some hot wings and fries.... This made her disappear for a short period of time... When she returned she not only had food but a sexy friend that just came from a strip club.... Not only did Phil get full, but the visual stimulation kept us occupied as well while we drank ourselves crazy... When they started to put the stools upside down on the tables we knew the time had come... This is when CJ(NOVA) jumped into action!!!! He got her and her strip club loving friend to think about an after hours meeting at an undisclosed location with a pool, fooseball, and a dart board... Nova had shown himself worthy to all men worldwide after this task... When reaching the undisclosed location, Rudy disappeared with Phil going *POOF* shortly after... This left Nova and I with much anticipation... Being 3 sheets to the wind made our conversations at this hour not only witty but wise.... My eyes close....

My eyes open!!! I look around and see Nova face down on the floor with a cell phone in his hand.... My eyes close....

She wined us, she dined us, sixty nined us... LOL...

Good Times,

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