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Monday, June 13, 2005

Vato Jay **Ding Ding*** Round 2

Well this weekend VJ got married (his second wedding)(the first wife I caught cheating on him, that's how we became friends... LOL)... What was really cool is it was in his now wife (Michelle's) parents back yard... YES!!! No bullshit church to deal with... It was quick and to the point, 30 min tops... That's an ideal wedding... That short but sweet wedding paired with a kick ass reception was $MONEY$... The reception was at the pyramid hotel... Good food, drink, and dancing... AY AI AY AI... LOL

I think everyone who was there had a kick ass time... I got to meet a hot little number in a red dress... I'll fill you guys in if anything happens...

Poor dude had to go back to work on Monday... LOL... Oh well he's going to have like a month honeymoon later... Lucky bastard.... Congratulations Vato!!! Smack it, Flip it, and Rub it!!!!!

The only thing I hate about weddings in New Mexico is all the damn spanish music... LOL... Go figure Right!!!

Good Times...

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