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Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Funny IM Conversation....

Big Al: Everyone loved my story. NOt.
Big Al
: LOL!
Big Al: It's one of those stories where you have
to be there I guess.
Big Al: I guess your readers just want the tits
and ass.
Big Al: Put up another blog so I can yell at
Big Al: I'll do my golf blog soon.
Me: lol
Me: I guess they want comedy and excitement
Big Al: They want pictures of young girls' asses.
Me: lol FF
Me: I liked your post, but it was a bit long and it
wasn't as funny as I thought you would make it, but oh well
Big Al: True.
Big Al: It's all good.
Big Al: I have to be in the mood.
Me: because you are damn funny sometimes
Big Al: No, you hare!
Big Al: Pull it.
Me: what?
Big Al: The story.
Me: pull my finger
Big Al: Do please delete it.
Me: no way
Big Al: It sucks.
Me: after how long it took to get it
Big Al: No biggie.
Me: nah it's good
Me: just move on
Me: I've written some bad stuff too
Me: people are just picky
Me: my mom read it
Me: lol
Big Al: Yeah, it sucks.
Me: she was confused on who pitt and phil were, because
I refer to phil as phil
Big Al: See, even she said it sucked.
Big Al: It sucked.
Big Al: Piece of shit.
Big Al: 8-|
Big Al: Take it down
Big Al: Or I'll hack.
Me: i'm crying
Big Al: I'll put your baby pictures up there.
Big Al: LOL
Big Al: Take that shit down before anyone else
reads it.

Good Times...

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