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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

When annoying people attack!!!

The girl in blue is a co-worker of mine (shanstew) getting bombarded by another coworker we call the buffalo... The Buffalo is annoying as hell... Very persistent, and always has to be right... She will stand there for hours just to get her point across...

Look at Shanstew, you can see the fear in her eyes, with a hint of boredom setting in... I FEEL FOR YOU SHANSTEW!!!!

Well I have saved her from the buffalo a few times... By calling her desk or emailing her... Because she always seems to attack when she is about to go home(** notice her COVERED microscope behind her**), then gets stuck listening to her for about 45 min. Or so... Shanstew is usually a nice person and just listens to her.... BORING!!!

I don't have to worry because the buffalo and I are sworn enemies, and have many past battles... But I usually use the direct approach when in that type of situation "hey lets talk later, I really need to piss", or sometimes an indirect approach "hey, what's that over there?" and walk away... LOL...

So now I ask you... What would you do in her shoes? Or in a similar situation? Or can you give her some advice on how to slay the buffalo?... LOL


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