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Thursday, September 22, 2005

My two best friends are EVACUATING!!!!

Two of my best friends Andy & Steve who are brothers, both go to dental school in Houston... And are in the path of !!!I was pretty lucky being able to talk with both of them today... First I tried to call Andy and I got the "we are sorry do to the hurricane there is no phone service" message...

Then I saw Steve online and luckily he was there, he hadn't left yet... But he was freaking out because he couldn't find an open , and needed to pack stuff to vacate the city, up north 45 miles to his girlfriends parents house... This is what he said:

Steve: found gas
Steve: I'm the shit

Me: oh nice
Me: where?

Me: a diff part of town?
Steve: right next to my apt.
Me: awesome
Steve: everything else i saw was closed and out of gas
Me: what time are you guys leaving?
Steve: how lucky
Me: very lucky
Steve: i am going to wait untill the sun goes down
Steve: too damn hot to sit in this shit
Me: oh yeah?
Steve: my friend has been on the road for 6 hours
Steve: and went 12 miles
Me: That's insane!!!
Me: does the storm hit tomorrow?
Steve: tomorrow night at 7
Me: WOW... Damn
Me: how long do you think it will take you to get to treasas
Steve: 5-6 hours
Steve: usually takes 45 mins
Me: holy shit!!
Steve: my other friend has been on the road for 15 hours
Steve: and has gone about 120 miles
Me: that sucks ass
Me: do you really thing your apt is in a danger zone?
Steve: it will probably get ugly here
Me: I bet, i would be freaked out
Me: is it windy now?
Steve: no
Steve: it is sunny
Me: go figure right?
Steve: i will knock that pussy hurricane out
Steve: it won't get bad until friday evening
Me: do you have renters insurance?
Steve: no
Me: damn!
Steve: i rigged my place to explode if looters come
Me: LOL!!!
Me: what are you taking with you?
Steve: otis and treasa
Steve: clothes
Me: Good choices.. LOL
Me: I hope non of your guys stuff gets ruined
Steve: me too
Steve: we took all the pictures down
Me: good call
Steve: and are going to cover the computers
Me: put them in the closet?
Steve: yeah
Me: oh nice
Me: what did andy take?
Me: his CPU?
Me: lol
Steve: lol
Steve: not sure
Me: you haven't talked to him?
Steve: no
Me: that sucks
Steve: yeah
Me: phones down and shit sucks ass!!!
Steve: yeah
Steve: well i better start packing
Steve: treasa is yelling at me, i have to start packing
Me: well be safe
Me: ok
Steve: ok
Steve: i will call you
Steve: when i get blown away
Me: ok sounds good
Steve: later
Me: bye

I finally got a hold of Andy after talking to Steve, but then got cut off shortly... Then he called me when he got to San Antonio!!! He said that the drive from Houston to San Antonio which usually takes 3 hours to drive took him and his girlfriend 17 hours to drive!!! He said that he just talked to Steve, and he might just stay if the traffic is still to bad... Man I hope that he and his GF have left, just to be sure they are safe... 175mph winds are nothing to mess with...

I will update you more when I know more...


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