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Thursday, September 01, 2005

*** Weekend Update***

Phil had a blind date Friday night... This lady he had met at one of his jobs asked for his phone #, and said she wanted to hook him up with her niece... So Phil said cool and gave his # to the woman... Well he should be glad he did because holy shit was this girl hot, like a little barbie doll... 19, blonde hair, blue eyes, HUGE rack... They went to dinner at a steak house then went to a party... Well they must have hit it off pretty good, because lets just say she got to see what our house looked like in the daylight... LOL... Sorry no pic yet still working on it!!!

Now on to my Friday!!! Our CYTYC vendor (lets call him J) from the lab, said that he was in town for the weekend and wanted to party a bit... He seemed cool so I said lets hit a few bars downtown... He also invited a couple of our lab assistant girls (he wanted to get some action from on of the girls)... LOL... So I get J and we start out at a place called Kelly's, a cool spot... We order a couple of beers and some food, and J says "TONIGHT IS ON UNCLE CY!!!"... I was like WTF? I guess I didn't catch on at first, then it snapped OH he works for CYtyc, OOOOHHH UNCLE CY... LOL, I am sofa king retarded sometimes... LOL.. Now this was pimp, free drinks all night on UNCLE CY!!!

After we get a few beers, this group of 7 hotties sit at the table next to us... I try to make conversation with the one sitting closest to me, but she is kinda stuck up so I let it go... Then across the table I kinda recognize a woman, so right before I leave, I go up and introduce myself and ask her if I might know her... Come to find out she is a reporter for NBC here in town... Thats where I've seen her... LOL.. I asked her to lunch, but she said she had a boyfriend.... Oh well at least I tried, I've had a crush on her for a long time... Good Times...

Then we get Downtown and meet up with the TLA girls from work... Lets just say these girls were loving UNCLE CY!!!! Yeah that was the running joke all night "CHEERS TO UNCLE CY!!!"... Well some time goes by, and I've went and talked to a few girls, and had a few drinks... LOL... I asked out a girl and she said only if I met here at church... LOL... Now that was priceless bc those of you who know me know I'm not religious at all... So that didn't work out...

The two girls from work have had a ton of drinks by this time and were getting very annoying... But the J man was still trying to work his magic on Regina... So at the end of the night we take the two back to his hotel room, and I'm not the slight interested in either plus I work with them... But I was just being the supportive wing man... We get up to his room and that Regina girl starts calling all of these guys and screaming at them on the phone, then leave the room without shoes and screams on the phone in the middle of the hotel... This made the J man impatient, and said screw it just take the broads home... I said cool, but one thing was wrong, these two had disappeared in the hotel somewhere... So with her shoes I go and look everywhere, Girls bathroom, and a few floors... Then finally find them outside in the grass... Then I just take them home and split... Good Riddance!!!

I went over to Rach and Ambuh's for card night... I always have a good time, chillin with these hip girls... They really know how to turn a frown upside down... Oh wait I'm supposed to tell Rach's ninja story... LOL.. OK since Rach is the empress ninja master, she trained everyone at her house about ninja balance by playing Jenga... Then she show everyone what she would do to the woman at work that hates her hand lotion, with a demonstration of drunken ninja moves... LOL...

The next Monday at work Rach had reached her level of tolerance with the nose freak, and her air purifier... She then climbs to the top of the cubicles with her ninja claws, and wait for the right moment in total silence... Nobody notices her stealthness at all... Then she hears it a complaint, and does 5 backflips off the walls, while throwing ninja stars at her only damaging her air machine, and wounding her leg... The freak screams, and throws slides at the empress ninja... Does this even phase her? NO!!!! She deflect the slides with her nunchucks... This just pissed her off more than ever... The ninja empress does a triple ninja flip kick and knocks her out... She then captures the buffalo, and locks them up together in a room filled with pepper spay and wild dingos...

Then at the top of her lungs she starts singing "We are the champions", while her backup ninja band comes in with some face melting guitar rock....

Rach feels a tap on the shoulder, then another one... She hears Ambuh say wake up and make me some queso, It's only Sunday!!!!

The end


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