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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chevelle & Taproot

Yes everyone I have won tickets to another ... LOL... Phil and I went to go see & last week...

Taproot went on stage first, and I wasn't to sure if I liked them or not from the radio... I had only heard two of their song, poem, and calling... When they got on stage, HOLY SHIT!!! These guys rocked the house.... They had a clear rockin sound, and very high energy... This had the crowd going crazy, with mosh pits and funky dancing... LOL... What impressed me the most was that the lead singer went down in the crowd and gave some autographs while singing, I tried getting a pic of him, but the FBI camera phone isn't all that great... This pic right here is of him standing on a rail in back of the crowd... Then this dude starts rocking out and joins the mosh pit before getting back up on stage... LOL... I have a new respect for this band... I liked them so much I went and got their CD, which is great by the way!!!

Then the main attraction Chevelle came on... And damn these guys were awesome too... I knew more of their songs which is always a plus... It's crazy to think that only a 3 person band could sound the way they do... They FUCKING ROCKED!!!

These guys were hilarious too, with the lead singer cracking some jokes... Gigetty gigetty..

Their unique sound combined with a kick ass light show, makes them a must see live... This whole concert was sofa king bad ass!!! Phil and I gave both bands a well deserved 8...

Good Times,

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