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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

JoePat VS. The PIT!!!!

JoePat stands alone in the middle of a crowd, not just any crowd, but the crowd of adrenaline crazed people at a rock show... As the music pulses through his head, the unborn rocker in him comes alive... The loud high energy sounds immerse from the band, the crowd around JoePat starts to swirl!!! He is like the EYE in the center of a tropical storm that's about to form into a massive hurricane...

The rock gets faster and louder and people start to jump... The swirling turns to pushing, and violent slams!!! Getting shoved from one end of this storm to the other, while tossing people like rag dolls into others, JoePat looks at us with a smile... Mosh after mosh, and slam after slam, the pit continues to swallow people who stand in the outskirts... It's like a monster with JoePat at the helm driving this beast where ever the fuck he wants...

As the music dies down so does the pit, and like every massive hurricane there are casualties... But JoePat walks away with none, only memories of how he tamed that bitch while rocking out like a madman, and a girl!!! Yes a girl, she was on the outskirts of the pit and he rescued her from getting swallowed alive.... Being saved by JoePat as her life flashed before her eyes, made her realize that love at first sight does exist...

Who would have known the mosh pit could spark a romance?


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