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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Green Day & Jimmy Eat World!!!!

Rude Dog and I went to see the & last week... It was at the out door amphitheater in the area... We had seats, well not actually seats, but some grass to stand on... LOL... Well I guess you get what you pay for, Oh wait I didn't pay for tickets, I won them...

Being a sold out show, and packed as hell we ended up getting there a little bit after Jimmy Eat World started... We got to hear about 6 of their songs... They were decent live, and they sound just like they do on CD... The only thing I didn't like is they didn't really have any crowd interaction, maybe it was because they were the opening band... I was just glad I got to hear them play the sweetness... So i gave them a 6, and Rudy gave a blank stare... LOL...

Then green Day came on stage!!!! These guys are insane... I could say that they have tons of energy on stage, but that would be an understatement... These guys had to be on ritalin, viagra and rogaine all at once!!! Their energy was insane... I couldn't believe how great they sounded either... They played hit after hit, I don't think there was a song I didn't recognize... On top of that their light show was phenomenal!!! Any light show with fire is fucking awesome... Yeah I said FIRE!!! That combined with loud cannons & crazy drop down lights, and the occasional video background, was KICK ASS!!!

No it doesn't stop there either... They brought up 3 people from the audience, and said they were going to make some dreams come true... But when selecting what 3 people would come up Billy Joe Armstrong (lead singer), he made sure they knew how to play, drums, bass, and lead guitar... The drums and bass guitar were pretty easy, but the lead guitar took about 3 tries to find a good one... This girl went up there first, and she said she could play but lied through her teeth... So he booted her until he found this guy that was pretty good...

After they finished playing making the band, he gave the guitar to the girl that sucked and told her to practice!!! How fucking awesome is that... I've never seen any band give someone a guitar or even let anyone play their instruments on stage... This just blew my mind, and I kept thinking how fucking cool it would to bee one of those people...He also let the guy playing lead guitar stage dive into the crowd!!!

It was also funny how Billy kept yelling New Mexico, I think he just wanted to remember where he was... LOL... He also kept making the crowd compete screaming left side vs the right side... His crowd interaction was awesome.... This was one of the best show I've seen all year... I hate to say it but Green Day gave Dave Matthews comp.... In fact I'm going to give them the exact same score a 9 1/2, and Rudy gave them a smile... LOL...

Good Times,

PS... Nice Pic Rach!!!!

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