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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hook 'em Horns!!!!

YEAH!!!! After five long years the kicked the shit out of the 45-12 on Saturday!!!

I watched the game until about the 3rd quarter when piece of shit ABC switched to the Michigan game.... What kind of crap is that? Anyways I was excited they won, and was even more excited that I got to talk shit to this guy Billy who is a huge sooners fan... LOL...

If you want to hear the UT fight song to get in the spirit, the biggest Longhorn fan in the world has it on her site, (((GOOOOOOOOSE!!!!)))

I just had to post this girl again I think she gives UT good luck!!!! And she is HOT!!!!


PS. Goose thanks for the pic, you rock!!!
Pss. LQ hey was that fast enough for you? LOL!!! sorry I'm a bit behind...

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