"When I choose a restaurant, I like to know who else eats there!"

Monday, October 17, 2005


One day last week I was walking around, when I ran into a group of guys who call themselves ... They told me about a new album they had, and said that it rocked like no other... Who was I to argue, so I bought one... They did not lie, this CD gave me the adrenaline jolt I needed...

Then the six of us took the bus downtown to the library, no not the library you read at, but the one you drink at... As soon as we step off the bus a crowd of groupies surround us and fallow us into the library... Being Rock night we walk in and the Sevendust song is cranking in the background...

I watch all of the women throw themselves at Lajon, Morgan, John, Vince, and sonny... They must have been offered sex and alcohol a million times over... This is when Lajon looks over at me and says do you like what you see? I said of course, hot girls everywhere who wouldn't... Then he said, do you want to be a ? Without hesitation, I said hell yeah!!!

Then with the most serious face in the world that anyone could have, he says can you play the cowbell? I have a fever, and the only cure is more !!!!


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