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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh the smells of Texas!!!

While driving through Texas I realized something... There are lots of things that stink!!! Between the oil wells smelling like rotten eggs, the dead skunks every 10 miles, and the millions of dairy farms, my nose wanted to fall off... LOL..

Man especially in this town called Muleshoe, it was the worst... Now every time Jeff farts we damn "damn Jeff why did you have to muleshoe us!!!"... LOL...

Most of the drive was flat and boring with now many sights except oil wells everywhere, Some huge fans, you know those wind electricity generating fans... We saw a few deer on the side of the road too... And lots of cattle, damn that cow shit!!!! It's a good thing we had the IPOD with an ass load of music bc that 12 hour drive to Austin was so damn long, and the smells just made it worse...

One thing I did start to notice is that the cop cars in other cities look fucking weird.... Maybe it's bc I was pulled over by a cop in a 4X4 Dodge truck, and I was just pissed off at all law enforcement at that point... Or maybe it was BC I was speeding... LOL....

Anyways it was good times, hanging with Phil the mountain man... LOL


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