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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ARRRRR 3rd place!!!!

Friday night Big Al called Phil and I and said he was a couple players short, and asked if we could play on his team for the kickball tournament on Saturday morning... We said sure... So on Saturday morning when we got there, it turned out that 2 of big Al's girl players were no shows, one got plastered the night before and passed out somewhere random the other girl just never called... Al, Phil and I then frantically started calling every girl over 21 that we knew to try and scrounge up 2 last minute players... Hell I even called my mom to see if she wanted to play... LOL...
It turned out ok though, bc our score keepers friend decided to play, and Al got the team captain of one of the league teams to come play.... Yeah it was a close call... So as the tourny started we just started kicking ass... The first game we played we won by a land slide... Then just kept winning, it was insane... BC we were just a team that was put together in the last minute... The best part about it was that we ended up taking 3rd out of 40 teams... It just kinda sucked that we had to lose to a team made up of mostly players from my league team... LOL.. Yeah I'll never hear the end of the trader talk... LOL...

Good Times!!!

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