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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Buffalo Report!

This is my one and only arch rival at work... I have nicknamed her the BUFFALO!!!! She is the one person that no one likes or gets along with at work... And she constantly tries to cause trouble... She will piss you off then give you something(candy, soda, flower, or a blanket) to try and mend things, like an emotional rollercoaster... A certified wack job (maybe bipolar?)...

Well this picture here is from a few days ago when I was leaving, I couldn't resist.. She is actually sitting in another coworkers desk in the room across the hall from where her desk is... LOL... She hates everyone that much...
Today before I left she was actually trying to befriend the custodian lady, by teaching her some English slang or something... She was like a immigration worker welcoming someone off the boat!!! LOL...
Anyone want to hire the buffalo? Let me know and I will send her the info... LOL


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