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Friday, June 17, 2005

Three's Company **Friday Night Exclusive**

Tonight I came home from work with a surprise of a few people... Swimming, drinking, and having a good time... As the time flew buy a bottle of Crown was finished, plus many beers... Some people left and some people stayed... A girl Phil was kissing started puking and ended up passed out with puke all over her in his bedroom....Somewhere in the middle, Naked , swimming, football was played... LOL... Phil, Cousin Jay, Billy, and some random girl all were naked, and playing football in the pool... LOL... I was asked to join, but sorry that's just too many dicks and not enough pussy for me to get naked.... LOL... After the crazy pool nakedness, Phil Cousin Jay, and the girl hit the shower... LOL yep all three, Billy didn't join in, BC he has a GF and felt guilty... Plus 3 dicks and 1 pussy in a even tighter spot is worse, so I think Billy made a good call... Because someone would be left out and have to be next to a dick... LOL... The drunk Puke Girl woke up around this time and was asked to join in on the shower festivities, but declined and stumbled out the door mumbling something about her boyfriend killing her while smelling of puke... LOL... Damn, Phil looks so funny in this Picture... LOL... I am so FBI, I got these shower pics from the bathroom window... LOL... Jay is on top with the girls ass, and Phil is in the bottom picture with tittys...

It has settled down some, and Cousin Jay is desperately trying to get girls to come over here... Lets see what happens... LOL

Good Times...

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