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Monday, February 20, 2006

3 hours of sleep!!!

After Rude dog got off work we headed up I-25 to Fort Collins... The drive was pretty much boring except seeing a huge Ice cream cone in front of a dairy queen in Las Vegas... No not Las Vegas Nevada!!!! The little po dunk town Las Vegas New Mexico, Sorry no strippers, showgirls, or loose slots here... Just a huge Ice cream cone in front of the dairy queen... LOL..

7 1/2 hours later we get to Fort Collins... The temperature had dropped from a spring time 60 degrees to a ball freezing -10 degrees!!! After getting there and getting the five cent tour of Scotty pimpin's pad, we finally go to sleep around 2 ish... Since Vail was around 3 hours away and the lifts opened up at 9 we decided to wake up at 5 am.. You guessed it 3 hours of sleep people!!! Now that is fucking crazy especially after a long ass drive... But hey it's Vail, and you only live once right?

So we get out of the door at 6 am and start following pimpin to Vail!!!!

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